I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

The recent Black Friday fisticuffs at the Wal-Mart in Moultrie, Georgia, remind us the season of giving is upon us.  (Ah, makes me so proud to be a Georgian!)  Rather than leaving a store black and blue, make it your goal to incorporate some BLUE into your gift giving.  This holiday let’s fight for something more important than cheap electronics:  clean water, protection of our rivers, and a safe drinking supply for all.

The following unique gift ideas are sure to please that hard to shop for person on your list, as well as safeguard our aquatic resources.

1.     Bee Natural Honeypot, Athens, GA

For a handcrafted item that smells like warm honey, adds a soft glow to any room, and benefits our local waterways, consider getting that special someone a Honeypot. These luminaries have been featured in Southern Living Presents and Southern Distinction magazines.  In a generous demonstration of Creighton Cutts’ (the genius behind the Honepot) passion for the rivers, he joined with the Waterkeepers Alliance and is donating 25% of retail ordersto the Waterkeeper organization of your choice. Add which Waterkeeper you would like to contribute to in the comment section when ordering.  

2.  Charity Gift Card

Do you know someone who is passionate about water issues and has everything? Then a TisBest Charity Gift Card is the perfect present. This gift card works like any other, except instead of buying more stuff, the recipient spends it to support a charity of his or her choice.There are over 300 organizations to select from, including several with an aquatic focus, such as American Rivers, Ducks Unlimited, and The Ocean Conservancy. Design the card with over 50 stock images or personalize it with your own message, image, or company branding. Both you and the recipient get to give the gift of giving. 

3.  A Cactus 

I am serious.People regularly give Poinsettias for the holidays.Why not be creative and give a Christmas Cactus Tree? No other plant has such a reputation for needing very little water for survival. Websites, such as cactuslimon.com, offer an impressive selection of blooming cacti to brighten up any room for years to come.Your gift requires conservation, is unusual, self-sufficient, and an uncommon beauty. 

4. Filtered Water Bottle 

Water.orghas a special, limited edition CamelBak Groove Water Bottle available in stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.  The bottle keeps great tasting filtered water always at the fingertips of your lucky recipient. Even better, $10 from each bottle purchased goes to support Water.org, whose mission is to bring safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. Matt Damon supports this organization, so it has to be alright!   

5.  WaterSense Showerhead

Long gone are the days when a “low-flow” showerhead equated to poor water pressure and soapy hair. To be granted the coveted WaterSense label, manufacturers of showerheads must meet rigorous standards.The result is products providing even coverage, pleasing spray intensity, and exceptional pressure, all while using less water. Who wouldn’t want to replace their old, H2O guzzling fixtures with these new drops of liquid sunshine?Look for the WaterSense label and buy someone you care about a luxurious showerhead.Earn extra brownie points:Include a homemade gift certificate that promises personal installation of the product.

I hope these gift ideas inspire you to search for a present that packs a one-two punch.  Choosing from above allows you to knock out a person from your holiday shopping list and give to something you depend on every day.  Water.  And you won’t end up in a bad youtube video for getting into this fight.  So, putting a new spin on Elvis Presley and Porky Pig’s renditions ofBlue Christmas, I wish everyone ablue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

Happy Holidays,


Originally posted on waterconservationstation.blogspot.com, 12/4/12


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