Barrels of Fun!

Roll Out the Barrels

Thank you to everyone who made Roll Out the Barrels 2013 such a success. The barrels were gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, the food was fabulous, and the music was delightful. But most importantly, over $2,000 was raised for the ACC Green School Program! Here are a few photos from the event. We hope to see you for barrels of fun next year!

Lily Anne Phibian

Barrels inside the Lyndon House lounge area.

Artist Teresa Kingery and family.

Artist Justin & Jul Sexton made The Way to the event.

Sean Arrington delighted us with his music.

Cindy Jamison & Teresa Yoder, talented sisters!

Artist Mike Ely stands by his barrel.

What a beautiful garden these barrels make!

Let our rain barrels add color to your home.

These barrels are as unique as you are.

Proud barrel owners!

Let the bidding begin!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

These ladies know the importance of environmental education.

Dr., Who is this?

We have happy ACC Green School teachers!

Originally posted on, 5/21/13


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