Visit the Water Resources Center

Stop 3. Water Resources Center

Our journey continues in search of buildings, businesses, and organizations that demonstrate water conservation methods in Athens-Clarke County. The next stop is the Bob Snipes Water Resources Center (WRC) located off Barber Street (I’m sure you’ve seen it on your way to Terrapin 🙂 The WRC is a water and wastewater laboratory along with an educational facility. It highlights 5 sustainable and water saving elements both within and around the building. We will discuss each of these 5 elements over the next few blogs.

The first element is the actual building itself. The WRC is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. What exactly is LEED, you ask?? Well, LEED is an international green building certification program that ensures the entire lifecycle of a building is environmentally friendly.

The WRC gained LEED status by:

  • Installing WaterSense efficient plumbing fixtures to reduce water waste by 40%
  • Recycling 75% of construction debris
  • Designing the roof to minimize heat absorption and maximize energy efficiency
  • Planting drought-tolerant plants to reduce water used by irrigation
  • Including education in the design

WaterSense dual flush toilet meets EPA criteria

Construction of the Roof

Educational Displays in the Atrium

The benefits of the WRC as a LEED building include reduction in operating costs, reduction in construction waste sent to landfills, conservation of water and energy, providing healthier and safer environment for workers and visitors, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The public is welcome to visit the WRC Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Originally posted on, 4/9/13


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