Peace, Love, & Summer Camps… and Water

I love my job!  Why?  Because every summer I get to go back to camp!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The ACC Water Conservation Office works hard all year-long to find opportunities to talk water with children.  When school lets out, we don’t dry up.  We reach out and make a splash at the local summer camps.  Today’s blog shares a photo journal of a few camps we have visited so far…

SPELL Summer Camp 2013

The Summer Program for English Language Learners came to the Drinking Water Treatment Plant for a tour from our own GAWP award-winning Operator of the Year, Mr. Tiger Brooks.

SPELL Summer Camp 2013

The SPELL campers learned that Fats, Oils, and Grease don’t go down the drain. Make sure and trash FOG!

Boy Scouts 2013

We visited with the Boy Scouts to discuss water molecules and dinosaurs. Some of the water molecules on earth today were here when the dinosaurs were alive!

Sandy Creek Nature Center 2013

The campers at Sandy Creek Nature Center invited us out for Wacky Water Week. Talk about making a splash!

Sandy Creek Nature Center 2013

For Wacky Water Week, the Sandy Creek Nature Center campers got to see what it would be like to participate in a bucket brigade. Only we made them use their feet.

McPhaul 2013

Campers at the UGA McPhaul/River’s Crossing pass water in a relay. One team is water efficient, another is a little careless, and another has leaks. Guess which team got the most water to where it needed to be… The efficient water use team!

In addition to these camps, we have visited with the Athens Boys & Girls Club, Nellie B Summer Camp, Mt. Pleasant Church Summer Camp, Sandy Creek Nature Center Teen Camp, and Timothy Baptist Summer Camp.  And the fun isn’t over yet!  We look forward to more camp visits with Timothy Baptist, Thomas Lay Park Summer Camp, and the Teens in Action.

Yep, I love my job!

Laurie Loftin

ACC Water Conservation Office Education Program Specialist


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