Making Water Education Fun!

Water Fest Logo 2011Water education can be very dry.  Let’s face it.  You can’t exactly bring an ocean with you for your presentation. Your audience probably won’t appreciate being sprayed by a hose.  Talking about water doesn’t have the same attention grabbing appeal as when a presenter pulls out a cute, cuddly opossum.   But wouldn’t water education be a lot more fun if you can make a splash?

This is where the Athens Water Festival flows in.  Come visit Sandy Creek Park on Saturday, September 7, 2013, from 10:00 – 2:00 and learn how to “Clean Water. Live Better.”  Lake Chapman is our grand water display, open and inviting you to dive in, so bring a swimsuit and towel.  Have you been curious about stand-up paddle boarding?  Floating Peach Paddle Co. is bAWF11 - Recycled Boats (2)ringing their boards for you to give this sport a try.  Or explore the lake on top of a kayak.  Design a boat out of recycled material and put it into the recycled boat regatta.  We can drench you in water appreciation!

To keep on WOWing you with water, fifteen organizations are bringing hands-on activities and interactive displays.     Play scientist and determine if the liquid is an acid or base with the EPA.  Meet big, spineless bugs – aka macroinvertebrates  – carefully brought by the Upper Oconee Watershed Network.  Become a raindrop and flow through the stormwater maze.

We use water in our homes every day.  Make natural household cleaners with ACC Recycling and protect our resources.  Pledge to conserve electricity AND water by taking GA Power’s light bulb pledge.  Create a flowerpot out of newspaper and take home a plant to beautify your garden.  Visit with ACC trucks that are used to deliver clean water to your home.

Mr. Keith the Magic Man shares with you the Magic of Clean and Plentiful Water during performances at 10:30 & 12:30.  Create the awesomeness of a thunderstorm with Dr. Arvin Scott’s drum circle at 11:30.  Make a rain stick to bring home the sounds of the water cycle.  Listen to the soothing sounds of The Rainmen, a musical group with water themed songs.

The activities are great for all ages, with most meeting Georgia Performance Standards from Pre-K to sixth grade.  Participants can take part in the Water Log challenge.  Complete four out of five specific activities and earn a special AWF11 - Long Haul Relay (83)Athens Water Festival prize.  Entrance to Sandy Creek Park is $2 a person; activities at the festival are FREE!  Streets Café is bringing the food truck if you would like to purchase a yummy, healthy lunch to eat.  Bring a refillable water bottle to fill at our filling station.

The Athens Water Festival can’t promise an opossum (We will have other critters on hand!  Who can resist them?), but we can guarantee you a great time.  Come get your feet wet!

Visit for more information.  Watch the video below!

See you there!




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