We Were All Wet!

I can only speak for myself, but I believe the 4th Annual Athens Water Festival was the best one yet! With the support of Water Fest Logo 2011fifteen different organizations, an estimated 650 people were able to experience water the way we do.

“Clean Water. Live Better.”  was the festival theme.  Children transformed into raindrops rushing through our stormwater pipes, thanks to the help of festival co-sponsor Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Division.  Did you know you live in a watershed? Participants discovered which watershed the rain water from their rooftop runs to.  The ACCSD also led a team in a game in which they tried to remove pollution from the parachute.  Just like getting pollution out of water, it wasn’t easy to do.  It is much easier to keep the trash out to begin with.  Clean Water. Live Better.

stormwater maze Parachute that Pollution     IMG_3278

The past few years our city has been suffering through a record-setting drought.  The outdoor watering restrictions put in place by the ACC Water Conservation Office (that’s us) have made for a few very dry water festivals.  But with the recent record rainfalls in our area, we were flush with water, allowing us to make a bit of a splash.  Children were surprised when the flush/vac trucks used by the ACC Water & Sewer Dept. and Public Works began to spout water!

Rain showerWater fun        Water Truck

Another unique twist to the water festival was the addition of both magic and music.  Mr. Keith the Magic Man wowed audiences with his show about “The Magic of Clean & Plentiful Water.”  He is absolutely right – water is magical!  And it is musical.  The next time it rains, take time to sit out on the porch and listen to the sounds of a storm.  Our visitors made rainsticks, used thunder tubes, played a water xylophone, created frog sounds, and played the water cups.  Then Dr. Arvin Scott brought out his drum circle to make the sounds of rolling thunder.

Keith the Magic Man   Dr. Arvin ScottDrum circle

The ACC Water Conservation Office and Stormwater Division thank all the organizations who take part in the Athens Water Festival.  We’d also like to give an extra big thanks to the ACC Leisure Services Department, who allows us to hold the event at Sandy Creek Park and Lake Chapman.  For a list of other participating organizations, visit http://www.athenwaterfestival.com.  These groups bring their message of how to care for water and water awareness to a large audience.  They are essential to the success of the Athens Water Festival, just as water is essential to us all.

Clean Water. Live Better.,

Laurie Loftin


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