Saving Water…it’s that time of year

(Written by Patty Lawson, Water Conservation Education Intern, the newest member of “Team Water!)

It’s September.  I would consider September the busiest month of the entire year.  School started up a couple weeks ago, work is back in full swing, and suddenly calendars are bursting with events, meetings, and plans.  Plus, finally the good TV shows are back.  We are back into our routines after that glorious time we call summer.

Now ask yourself this: How does your daily routine support water conservation?  The whole house is showering daily, bustling about getting ready for work and school (gone are the days when going to pools means you are now clean for the day).  The busy day makes it easy to lose track of the important things, like water.  Did your kids turn off the water when they brushed their teeth?  Are they playing too much in the shower/bath and wasting water? Have you checked your toilets for leaks lately?

As we dive into our new routines for the fall, let’s keep water conservation in mind.  Little steps can make a big difference in the environment, as well as on your water bill.

  • Put a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom to remind yourself to turn off the water when brushing your teeth.  This can save 8 gallons of water a day.
  • A couple drops of food coloring in your toilet tank can detect silent leaks.  When purchasing a new toilet, make sure it has a WaterSense label. WaterSense
  • Take 5 minute showers.  The average shower time is 8 minutes, and cutting down your shower time can save 5 to 15 gallons per shower.  Add that up for your entire family per year, and you could save thousands of gallons of water and money on your bill.  Also, who wouldn’t want a few more extra minutes of sleep?
  • Install high-efficiency showerheads and aerators.  Look for the WaterSense label.  They are easy to install and save lots of water.

With little efforts here and there, Athens can be a leader in water conservation.  Making water conservation a priority in your daily routine helps your family, the community, and your bill!

 Brushing Teeth


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