My Watery Gift List (don’t show this to my family)

This week’s blog is by Jackie Sherry, Graduate Assistant for the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office

Yesterday I realized that Christmas is only 2 weeks away.  I freaked out.  I still have yet to buy a single gift….AHHHH!  How did December creep up so quickly? Thank goodness for the great gift ideas Lily Anne Phibian put together on Pinterest.  I found perfect gifts for everyone in my family and they are water related (even better)!  Please, don’t show my blog to my family until after Christmas or it will ruin the surprise!

1. Cool Blue Water Tie – This one is obviously for my dad.  Every dad expects a tie  for Christmas, but how many get one with water drops?  Probably not many, so be unique and tie water conservation into your gift giving!

Clear Blue Pool Water Watch

2. Blue Water Watch– This clear blue pool water watch matches perfectly with the tie for dad.  This will remind my dad that there is always a time and place to CONSERVE water.

3. Bird Plant Waterer – My mom loves keeping flowers and plants in the house, especially during the holidays.  Unfortunately, she either waters them too much and they die or when we are away they don’t get watered Bird Plant Watererenough and they die.  It is so sad…but this is the perfect gift that takes the guessing game out of watering.  These plant waterers gradually release water when the plant needs it and visually lets you know when to refill.

ChristmasCactusRedI can also give my mom a Christmas Cactus to accompany her bird plant waterers.

4. Water Filter Bottles – This is for my sister who still prefers bottled water over tap water.  I’ve told her that water from the tap is just as clean and pure as bottled water, but she doesn’t believe me.  Instead of her constantly drinking bottled water, she will be able to use a water filter bottle.

5. LifeStraw Emergency Water Filter – Every year my brother-in-law hikes and camps in a different national park with a few friends.  Two years ago while they were in the Grand Canyon, two of the three water filters the guys brought broke.  They were left with one water filter for five guys for the rest of the camping trip.  That is a little scary, so this emergency water filter is perfect for him!  It is small, lightweight and perfect for anyone who camps, hikes, or just enjoys being in the outdoors.

6. Water Drop Magnets – I can never seem to find the perfect gift for my best friend.  You would think since we are best friends it would be easy to pick out a gift for her, but every year it is a challenge.  These water drop magnets are a really great gift for her, especially since she just moved into a new house.  They are functional, cute, and will help her decorate her new place!Water Drop Magnets

Putting together this list has eased my worries about last minute shopping.  There is a deluge of gift ideas on our Pinterest boards.  Follow Lily Anne Phibian  for more ideas!


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