Support “Blue” and Support Water, too!

Today’s blog is by Marilyn Hall, ACC Water Conservation Coordinator

“Use water wisely” isn’t only a slogan for households – restaurants and bars in our community can use a lot of water too! Water efficiency is important everywhere we go. So when you step out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, head to a Certified Blue restaurant. These conscientious businesses are working hard to reduce their water usage, which helps to safeguard our water systems and resources.


When you support a “Blue” restaurant, you’re helping our water, too!

This month we revved up our Certified Blue program and visited several bars and restaurants.  We performed Water Use Assessments and scheduled a bunch of educational events.  (I am especially looking forward to the taco eating contest at Fuzzy’s next month!)  The Certified Blue program encourages employees and customers to be efficient water users where they work, dine, and socialize. Our goal is to reinforce water efficiency throughout these daily activities, to raise awareness of the benefits of wise water use, and to encourage people to take the message home.

Look for the Certified Blue label at your favorite restaurant and bar.  If you don’t see it, ask them about it.  The Water Conservation Office is happy to visit any restaurant or bar in town to help them save water and get the word out about water conservation.

Restaurants and Bars are being certified every week, so check the website often to see if your favorite spots are Blue!


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