Athenians Unsung Heroes

Jackie Sherry- Water Conservation Graduate Assistant

Treating up to 36 million gallons of water a day and reclaiming 28 million gallons of wastewater a day is a daunting task.  It requires organization and collaboration among several different divisions within the Public Utilities Department.  Harmonious relations between the different areas of Public Utilities are essential for keeping our drinking water and wastewaters flowing.  Our Administrative Secretaries are the backbone our drinking water and water reclamation machines depend upon.

Karen, Deborah, Christy, Janice, Kelly, and Cheryl are our Administrative Secretaries and our unsung heroes (or should I say heroines?).  These ladies manage the daily activities of their select offices.  Their keen attention to detail is necessary for coordinating appointments, relaying messages, and preparing correspondence.  They must be available to meet the demands from personnel, government officials, administration, and the public.  They handle reports of broken water mains or sewer backups, dispatching the appropriate repair teams to quickly restore services. They quietly handle the minute details that could result in disaster if overlooked.


Karen Lawrence – Middle Oconee Water Reclamation Facility

In ACC, the Engineering workers review design for our water system. Drinking Water Treatment workers provide high quality drinking water to Athens.  Water & Sewer workers install and maintain the pipes and mains.  Water Reclamation workers treat the wastewater as it arrives at the facilities.  Those responsible for cultivating communications both within and among these divisions are our unsung heroes, our Administrative Secretaries.

The ACC Public Utilities Department employees over 190 workers.  Our administrative secretaries are responsible for preparing payroll documentation, maintaining financial records, making travel arrangements, and managing personnel records for all of our staff.  Completing such tasks helps to build a happy and well-functioning team of workers.

Thank you to our administrative secretaries!


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