Paddle the Basin! Today Only!

Today’s blog is by Marilyn Hall, Water Conservation Coordinator for Athens-Clarke County, GA

Today is going to be a beautiful day!  It might even get to 80 degrees this afternoon.  Can you think of a better way to celebrate Spring than enjoying a paddle-boat ride with your family?  Me neither!  That is why we invite you to “Paddle the Basin” at the Cedar Creek WRF.  Come See wastewater treatment close up and personal. From 2-5 PM today the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility is open to paddle boat tours! See micro-organisms up close and meet the unsung heroes of wastewater treatment! For more information contact the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office at 706-613-3729 or

Kids from Sandy Creek Nature Center Spring Break Camp test out one of our new boats!

Kids from Sandy Creek Nature Center Spring Break Camp test out one of our new boats!

We have been cleaning wastewater here in Athens since before the Clean Water Act! The first ACC wastewater treatment plant was built in 1962 along the North Oconee River. Another soon followed by the Middle Oconee in 1964 and a third began operations near Cedar Creek in 1980. Advances in wastewater treatment technology and population growth made it necessary ACC improve and expand the capacity of these plants. By 2012, the North Oconee and Cedar Creek plants had been decommissioned and new facilities were built and are operating in these locations. The Middle Oconee plant received a complete and extensive upgrade.

The plants are now referred to as Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF). The effluent (discharge) from a WRF is of such high quality, it can be reused in irrigation and safely returned to our waterways. The water is “reclaimed”.

We hope you will come see for yourself today when you can “Paddle the Basin” at Cedar Creek!

Facebook Event for Paddle the Basin!



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