Celebrate World Toilet Day with a Waffle

W. Clayton Street Waffle House

The W. Clayton Street Waffle House honors the “Waffle Wager” beginning at 7:00am on November 19, 2014.

Today’s blog is from Laurie Loftin, WCO Program Specialist and lover of waffles

Have you heard of the “Waffle Wager”?  How about World Toilet Day?  Believe it or not, they both exist and this year they fall on the same day!

It is hard to beat a buttery Waffle House waffle dripping with syrup.  Throw in a hashbrown, scattered, smothered, and covered, and a warm cup of coffee and you have a melt in your mouth meal.  What is even better is this feast is available for FREE on November 19, 2014.

Yep!  You read right.  FREE!  Why is this incredible offer happening?  In what is becoming an annual tradition, a “Waffle Wager” was made between Waffle House suppliers.  This year the winner of the Auburn University vs. University of Georgia football game scored fans free waffles at a Waffle House location in their city.  Georgia’s 34-7 blowout against Auburn Saturday night earned the downtown Athens Clayton Street Waffle House the pleasure of honoring the “Waffle Wager”.

What could be better than these gratis, delectable, sweet circles of delight?  Porcelain in the shape of a toilet.

World Toilet Day happens to be the same day as the waffle giveaway.  This globally recognized day is set aside to raise awareness about all the people who do not have access to a toilet.  You may now be thinking to yourself, “Really?  There is a day set aside for this?”

If that thought floated to your mind, take a moment to guesstimate how many of our world’s 7 billion people do not have proper sanitation.

Did you guess 6 billion?  Then you have correctly estimated the number of people with access to mobile Printphones.  If your answer is 2.5 BILLION, then give yourself a pat on the back.  It is hard to believe that in this day and age, when the majority of people can get a cell phone, one out of three people still lacks access to improved sanitation.

The Worldbank estimates the global costs of inadequate sanitation at $260 billion a year.  The situation also greatly affects the health of a community.  Everyday, around 2,000 children die due to diarrhea caused by no access to safe toilets and clean water.  Only 45% of schools in the least developed low-income countries have adequate sanitation facilities.  I give 3 Reasons to Love a Toilet, which shares additional repercussions that the scarcity of toilets has on individuals.

I don’t want to bring you down while you are enjoying waffles.  Things don’t have to be this way.  Just as UGA beat Auburn, we can come together to defeat this situation.  The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District compiled 5 actions you can take now to celebrate World  Toilet Day.

1)  Share a post about #WorldToiletDay to raise awareness.

2)  Learn more.  Consider worldtoilet.org and worldtoiletday.org.

3)  Talk about it.  Make it a part of conversation.

4)  Donate.  Find a cause that supports sanitation efforts.

5)  Change behavior.  We have sanitation problems closer to home.  Like flushing unflushable garbage.  Put trash in the can, not the commode.

As you finish your waffle and eventually wander to the washroom, take a moment to appreciate and give thanks to Waffle House, the UGA Bulldogs, and the toilet.



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