Rare Planet Alignment Occurs Today, Changes Flow of Water

For Immediate Release

Toilet Bowls to Switch Direction due to Unique Planet Alignment  

Earth, Neptune, and Uranus cause unusual activity in your bathroom

It has long been rumored that an alignment of all eight planets and Pluto results in a decrease of gravity, causing us to weigh slightly less and even float.  This line of thinking has been disproved, so on January 4, 2015, the most recent time all the planets aligned, you did not experience weightlessness.

The rare planetary alignment of Earth, Uranus, and Neptune happens in April every 643 years. This short passing moment alters the Coriolis effect and can be observed today at 2:17 pm.

But there is a different phenomenon that truly does occur when Earth, Neptune, and Uranus come into perfect alignment.  On a daily basis one can find the toilets in the northern hemisphere flush counter-clockwise.  Our friends in the southern hemisphere find their toilets flushing clockwise.  This well-known fact is caused by the Coriolis effect.   Today at 2:17 pm, this idea will be flushed.

Astronomers state that this unique tri-planet arrangement occurs every 643 years and reverses the Coriolis effect, resulting in a shift of the directional flow of your toilets.  “For just a minute or so, toilets in the northern hemisphere will flush clockwise, while the southern hemisphere will experience counter-clockwise swirls,” states noted astrologer Dr. Ivana Tinkle.  Flush your toilet around 2:00 and carefully observe the movement of water in the bowl.  Flush again at 2:17 and you will be bowled over by what you see.  Remember, this is just a passing phase, so it will not be around for long.


Which way will your toilet flow today at 2:17 pm?

Bottom line:  Don’t waste this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Flush your toilet at 2:17 pm today.  Let us know if you observe an anomaly or if this planetary alignment of Earth, Neptune and Uranus stinks.  And while you are near your toilet, take a moment to check for leaks.  They can lead to astronomical water bills and water waste.

For more information go to http://www.thinkatthesink.com or call the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office at 706-613-3729 to leave a comet.


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