Water, Water Everywhere (in Music)

Today’s blog post was written by Lily Cason, the WCO Graduate Assistant, who loves music as well as water.

Water is repeatedly called on to serve as a metaphor in song lyrics—for thIce Ice Babye murky depths of sadness, the saturating feelings of love, the ebbs and flows of time, the restorative cleansing of rain, the ephemeral, etc..

Water is used to create music with instruments like glass harps or hydraulophones.

Water appears in album covers, band posters, and music videos. There’s even a music video where an Irish rapper holds his head underwater while he sings the entirety of his three minute song (note: parental guidance suggested if you Google the video).

As a tribute to the connection between water and music, we’ve created a few playlists on Spotify.  The songs reference water, rain, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, sailing, swimming, and more. You can look us up on Spotify under the username Lily Anne Phibian or listen to the playlists below.

What are your favorite songs that mention water? Are there any that we should add to our playlists?

Water in R&B/Soul Music:

Water in Indie Music:

Water in Bluegrass Music:

Water in Folk Music

Water in Music Made by Athenians:

Water in Kid Friendly Music:

And Our Catch All Water in Music Playlist:


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