What Do You Mean Summer is Almost Over? It Was Just May!

This week’s blog was written by Christina Abner, an intern who loves making bucket lists as much as she loves summertime

It really seems like this summer has gone by fast.  Just last week, there was still a beach accessory section in every store and this week they’ve all turned into back to school supplies.  I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not ready for summer to go! In just a couple of weeks our beloved town will have many people returning here for another year of school, and most parents will be rejoicing. Don’t get me wrong.  I love football season and being squished into Sanford Stadium calling the Dawgs, but summer just leaves so fast, that it almost feels like an unfinished project. Since this is my last week in Athens, I thought what better way to send off the summer than with a fun, “water themed” bucket list!

So here is my epic big summer blowout Top 10 things to do in Athens Bucket List!


  1. Pools: Athens-Clarke County has many pools that are run by the Leisure Services Department. What better way to beat this heat wave than taking a nice dip in the pool? Locations of our pools are located at the end of the blog.
  2. Hiking: Not wanting to get wet, but still love the view of our beautiful water resources? Fear not because the Botanical Gardens has a lovely trail the goes right by the Middle Oconee River.  I would definitely go in the morning before the sun really comes out!
  3. Nature: Sandy Creek Park has fun events, such as a concert series, down by their beach this summer! It’s also a good place to swim, canoe, and fish! Check their website to find fun upcoming events like hint Number 4 on my list.
  4. Event: On September 12, come out for our annual Athens Water Festival!  We will have fun water activities from different organizations around Athens.  It’s a good last minute end of summer celebration, so come see us and get cooled off! Document
  5. Music: One thing that reminds me of summer is a big cookout with friends and family. Something to make a cookout more fun is music. Don’t have time to make an awesome playlist? We have got you covered with our watery themed playlists, from oldies to indie.
  6. Kayaking: One place that is really fun to go kayaking is Big Dawgs on the River.  I went a couple of weeks back and had a fun time! What better way to enjoy the last stretch of summer than with a leisurely calm ride down a river? 11222727_10153577015229448_1003690089758221493_o
  7. For The Kids: Have Kids who love to get splashed? Visit Trail Creek Park, where there is a splash pad for kids to enjoy!frog
  8. Food: I always love a good meal and what better way than going to one of our Certified Blue restaurants? You might not see the water in this to-do list item, unless you order a glass, but these restaurants are dedicated to saving our water resources!

  9. Workshops: Want to learn a better way to Landscape? We will be hosting a Water Smart Landscaping Workshop on August 13th and a Rain Garden Workshop on August 20th! Check out our Facebook or the links here to find out more information and register!
  10. UGA Adventure: Lastly, #10 is dedicated to all those UGA students who stayed in this beautiful city for the summer. We all know Ramsey has a huge pool and we’ve all seen the high dive. What better way to have an adventure seeking moment better than by jumping off and feeling a cool rush of bubbles around you? Not that big on Adventure? You can always swim laps in the glorious Olympic sized pool and have your Michael Phelps moment!
Photo Credit: georgiasports.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: georgiasports.blogspot.com

Remember to have fun the last few weeks of summer and always remember your sunscreen! Tag us on Instagram with @LilyAnnePhibian and show us your watery adventures this summer! Athens-Clarke County Leisure Service Department’s Pool Locations:


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