Splash into the Athens Water Festival

As summer comes to an end, we invite you to close it out with a splash at the Athens Water Festival.  Bring the kids out to meet sea life, crawl through a stormwater maze, and take a water conservation pledge.  Over a dozen organizations dedicated to water come together to make the event possible.  Don’t tell your little squirts, but all of the hands-on and interactive displays, games, and activities are educational.

Looks like these kids would love a cool glass of water! Take the challenge. Snap a picture and enter it on Instagram, #BeanBoozledChallenge, for a chance to win $5,000!

Here are just a few of the activities you can look forward to:

Water Conservation Pledge
The theme this year is “Conserve: WATER U waiting 4?”.  Take a moment to consider what you can do around the house to use water more efficiently and pledge to adopt these behaviors.  After making your promise, take the jellybean challenge.  Pick out a Jelly Belly Beanboozeled bean and taste it.  Did you get tutti-frutti flavor or dirty sock flavor?  If you got dirty socks, I bet you will want a glass of water quickly!  Thank goodness for clean water.

UGA Marine Sciences (10)

Get close and personal with creatures from the sea.

Meet Sea Life

Touch sea critters you can find swimming off of our Georgia coast at the incredible exhibit brought by the UGA Marine Sciences Department.  Did you know that what we do to our water in Athens has the power to affect the waters hermit crabs and sea brittles call home?  After you meet these little guys, you will want to take care of them and water.

water trucks (11)

Wear a swimsuit and be drenched in fun!

Splash Dance Zone

Bring a swimsuit and dance in the spray of one of our water flush trucks.  Kids can meet the staff who ensure we have clean water in Athens.  Our knowledgeable workers will explain how these trucks and equipment are used around town every day.  Did you know we have a Camera/TV truck?  It has a robot to send down our sewer lines to look for spills.  Don’t worry!  We will clean it before you see it!


Mr. Keith and Chuck the Duck bring the magic to the Athens Water Festival.

Magical Water

Mr. Keith, the magician, is on hand to dazzle with amazing magic tricks that he has sprinkled with water fun.  Do you know what can be added to a wand to make flowers suddenly appear?  Water!  He makes an appearance at 12:00 and 1:00.

Light Saber Battle


Lets get the excitement started!

Being a bit of a Star Wars nerd, the upcoming movie is cause for some excitement.  What better way to celebrate than to allow participants to take the battle for the universe into the waters of Lake Chapman with light sabers made from pool noodles.  (I promise, these are harmless!)  OK, so this activity doesn’t fall into the traditional realm of educational, but your kids will strengthen their physical skills, increase their cultural literacy, and get into the water.

This is just a drop in the bucket compared to all of the fun we have planned for the Athens Water Festival.  Whether you take time to become a water molecule as it travels through the water cycle, save turtles from plastic jellyfish, or discover how much water goes into your Whopper, your appetite will have been “wetted” for water education.

Conserve Water Fest Logo OzThe Athens Water Festival

When:  Saturday, September 12, 2015

Time:  10:00am – 2:00pm

Where:  Sandy Creek Park, 400 Bob Holman Road

Cost:  $2 park admission per person; activities at festival are FREE!

More Info:  www.athenswaterfestival.com

Brought to you by:  Athens-Clarke County Stormwater, Leisure Services, and Water Conservation Office


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