Keeping Up With the Kups

This week’s blog was written by Emily Bilcik, WCO intern.

The cup cabinet is empty, but the kitchen counter is cluttered with used drinking cups. Uhh, which one was mine again?washing-up-dirty-dishes-330481

Keeping up with your cup is never as simple as it sounds. The reality is, the more people you live with, the more cup confusion there will be. Cup confusion likely contradicts with your water conservation efforts at home because the number of dishwasher loads you’ll need to run increases with the number of dirty cups needing a wash. Instead of putting used glasses directly into the dishwasher after each drink, designate each family member or roommate with their own drinking water glass or water bottle. Refill this glass or bottle throughout the day to reduce the number of times a week the dishwasher is run. By doing so, you’ll save water, electricity, and cash!

To cut down on cup chaos in your home, implement a simple cup labeling system. Here are a few ideas to help you personalize everyone’s cup in the name of conservation:

  • Mark cups with removable, reusable stickers.


  • Wrap cups with distinctive rubber wristbands.


  • Assign housemates a specific colored cup.


With these easy modifications to your cup collection, identifying your cup will never be easier! Remember to keep just one cup a day, and refill it along the way!


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