Be a Thinker – We Can’t Wait

This week’s blog is from Laurie Loftin, who appreciates her toilet

November 19 is designated as a day to raise awareness about the incredibly large number of people who LOGO_En1do not have access to a toilet.  Yes, I said a toilet.  Most of us consider this item an essential and a given in every household, yet 2.4 billion people do not have access to one.  Yes, that is Billion with a “B”.  In the year 2015.

World Toilet Day is a time to take action.  Coordinated by UN-Water, the United Nations inter-agency focused on freshwater-related issues, many groups do what they can to shine a light on this global problem.

You can help raise awareness by being “A Thinker”.  Take a moment to strike the “Thinker” pose, take a selfie, and share it on social media with a message and #WECANTWAIT or #WORLDTOILETDAY. The next time you visit your toilet, be sure to think about what your life would look like without one.

Here are a few of our Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Staff striking the pose, along with links to share more information about how the lack of sanitation is affecting our world today.

Lily WTD 2015

The influx of refugees into Jordan has strained worn infrastructure and heightened fears of an impending water crisis.  The UN says thousands lack access to basic sanitation.

Rhonda WTD 2015

The lack of sanitation affects children’s health in many ways, including limiting their long-term growth potential.

Pamela WTD 2015

In India, “300 million women and girls don’t have access to toilets.  Relieving themselves outside leaves them vulnerable to disease and rape.”

Ethel WTD 2015

Before being allowed to marry, grooms in India must often times prove they have a toilet.

Laurie WTD 2015

The Dalits, a caste formerly considered “untouchable”, are effecively elminated from running for government office with the requirement that candidates must have a functioning toilet in the home.

Ivey WTD 2015

The UN estimates that 946 million people practice open defecation.”   The water supply is then contaminated and causes diarrhea, especially in children, limiting their ability to absorb nutrients and resulting in malnutrition.

Visit World Toilet Day for more information or to learn how you can become involved.  This current situation stinks and you can make a difference.



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