March Madness-it’s not just for basketball

This week’s blog post is written by Caroline Cummings, WCO intern and Tarheels fan. 

march madness

For those of us that are sports fans, the past few weeks of March Madness have lived up to their name. From the surprising upsets to the expected victories, the competition gives us a little extra excitement in our lives. As March Madness winds down, I was thinking, why don’t we add some competition to our water conservation efforts? It’s a known perception that healthy competition makes us perform better, so it is here that I commence Water Conservation Madness! Consider teaming up and competing in a conservation tournament with family members, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, or friends to see how much water you can save together!

Round 1 

For the first round, I thought we would start off with something a little easier: compete to see who can compile the longest list of simple and feasible ways to conserve water around the household, office, or classroom. Whoever creates the longest list, wins!

Tips can be found in previous blog posts or our Facebook page → Lily Anne Phibian

Round 2 

As the competition gets stiffer, so do the challenges. For this round, competitors will see who can make the most creative jar to store their fats, oils, and grease, which should never be poured down the sink. Mason jars make great starting materials for this challenge.

ball 3ball 2il_570xN.649255811_6oif

Some inspiration for this challenge can be found here: Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Round 3 aka Sweet 16

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the Sweet Sixteen! For this round, participants will compete to see who can attend a local (drinking) water reclamation/treatment facility tour and remember the most information! Try challenging each other after your tours to test each other’s knowledge. Some sample questions may include:

  • What organisms help remove organic material from wastewater?
  • What chemicals are added to water when it’s at a treatment facility and why?
  • What is your town’s source of drinking water

ACC Unified Government Tours

Round 4 aka Elite 8water pledge

Aside from those whom with you are competing, use this round to spread the word on water conservation. The first to get 8 other friends to commit to trying out new ways to conserve wins this round. For inspiration of things your friends can do, try consulting your lists you made in Round 1. Another option would be to have 8 people commit to playing in your next tournament or singing a pledge to reduce their water consumption. This challenge is a guaranteed way to make sure your friends become elite water warriors.

Round 5 aka Final 4 Shower_7640_nevit

The competition is getting fierce and so are our challenges! This round, you will compete to see who can take the shortest shower. In the spirit of the Final Four, see if you can limit your shower time to 4 minutes, or about the length of one song. This may be a tad ambitious, especially for those with longer hair, so just focusing on limiting your use is what’s important here. Whoever takes the shortest shower (and still comes out clean), wins this round!

Round 6 aka the Championship Game

For the final round, the remaining competitors will focus on creating a goal for lowering their water bill. This can be through limiting household water use, fixing leaks, insulating pipes, or any other number of efforts. The competitor who reaches their goal first or has the lowest water bill at the end of this round, wins the tournament!


You have now reached the end of Water Conservation Madness. The athletes that compete in the actual tournament practice basketball year-round, and the same should go for water conservation. Let this fun dose of competition influence your daily practices on and off the “court.”


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