A list of toilets to think about while remodeling your bathroom

This blog was written by WCO Intern Brittni Viskochil who is still dreaming of buying some of these toilets.

It might be time for an upgrade to the good ol’ commode in your house. Don’t worry,  I’ve done some research on which toilets will give you the most bang for your buck.

5. The Dagobert Wooden Throne, estimated worth of about $15,000

The Austrian King , Dagobert II, will definitely be remembered through this lovely “throne”. The French nursery rhyme, “Le Bon Roi Dagobert”, is played when the toilet lid is raised. For those of you that don’t speak French, the song is about King Dagobert arriving late to a meeting with his pants on inside out (most likely because he was so comfortable on his throne…hehe). To flush this toilet you must pull a chain that is connected to a bell and everyone around will know of the good deed you have done. There’s also a candle holder and an ashtray built into this toilet for added convenience.

Image result for dagobert wooden toilet throne

4. Swarvoski crystal-studded toilet, estimated worth of about $128,390 

Feeling flashy and flushy? Impress your guests with this blinding loo. Covered in 72,000 crystals this toilet took Swarovski jewelers an entire month to decorate. It would take me an entire month to stop staring at this beauty.

Loo must be joking: The stunning designer toilet encrusted with 72,000 Swarovski crystals that is on sale for £40,000

3. Hang Fung Gold 24-carat solid gold toilet, estimated worth of about $5 million 

This toilet would make an excellent addition to your washroom. The lavish toilet is housed in the Hang Fung Gold Technology’s  “Hall of Gold” and is on display for public viewing. Tourists come from all over to take a photo of this wonder and are disappointed when they learn it’s not available for personal use.

The golden throne at Hang Fung's is meant to be admired, not put to practical use.

2. International Space Station toilet, estimated worth of about $19 million

Do you feel like you’re wasting water with every trip to the bathroom? This high-tech toilet recycles what’s flushed down into clean drinking water. Wow! It’s also got leg restraints if you’re expecting a change in gravity sometime soon. Image result for 19 mil ISS toilet


Okay. Most people can’t afford these dream toilets; but you don’t have to give up your dream of saving water and money if you do decide to upgrade your toilet.

1. Any toilet with the WaterSense Label

The WaterSense label is used on independently certified toilets that meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. These toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush or less while still providing equal or superior performance. By replacing old, inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled models, the average family can reduce water used for toilets by 20 to 60 percent – that’s nearly 13,000 gallons of water savings for your home every year.

So look for the Water Sense label when you’re out shopping for a new toilet.

look for watersense logo.jpg


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