Color Me Bluetfiul!

Crayola, the indisputable King of Crayons, is letting you borrow their crown for a day.

Imagine the possibilities of bluetiful

Proving a Dandelion can be eradicated, Crayola recently retired the yellow-hued crayon and plans to replace it with a shade of blue. You are knighted with the honor of selecting the name for the new hue of blue.

Unknown to man until 2009, YlnMn is a vibrant blue pigment discovered by brilliant chemist Mas Subranmaian and his team at Oregon State University. With a name like YlnMn, it is clear chemist are not the most creative and colorful when it comes to naming discoveries. Thankfully, Crayola has come to the rescue.

The two groups are combining their strengths. The chemists provide the pigment for a new crayon; Crayola brings their marketing skills to the drawing board.

Now, this is where you come in. Following a call for suggestions, Crayola has revealed the top five names and asks you to choose. Here are the contenders:

• Blue Moon Bliss
• Bluetiful
• Dreams Come Blue
• Reach for the Stars
• Star Spangled Blue

I am lobbying heavily for “Bluetiful.”  What color do we tend to associate with water? Blue. What is a word often associated with water? Beautiful. The name “Bluetiful,” a longtime and well-used adjective in the Water Conservation Office, is a perfect blending of beautiful and water.

Need convincing bluetiful is the perfect word choice with many applications?

• Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and you are bluetiful.
• Visit an Athens’ Certified Blue location and you support a bluetiful business.
• Relax and gaze at the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico for a bluetiful view.
• Color and hang a water drawing by your child on the refrigerator using Crayola’s new color and you have a bluetiful work of art.

It is the perfect word and Crayola is just the first step for bluetiful. The word has the potential to make a huge splash in the lexicon. From here, it will gain the attention it deserves, moving onto the list of words added to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary. Imagine:

Bluetiful adj., 1. having a fluid beauty often associated with a shade of blue and/or water. 2. used to describe a person who uses water wisely. noun, 1. A vibrant blue pigment once referred to as YlnMn.

Dive in and vote online every day through August 31 on Crayola’s website.  Everyone who votes is entered for a chance to win one of six trips to Crayola Experience in Orlando, FL.  I wonder if the experience is anything like when Mr. Rogers visited a crayon factory.  The name of the crayon and the winners of the trip will be announced in early September 2017.

Today’s blog was written by Laurie Loftin, program specialist with the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office and a fan of the color bluetiful



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