Little Lily’s Pad Hop

LittleLily WaterSense

Little Lily promotes the WaterSense logo while visiting students. Choose products with this logo to know you are buying a water-efficient item to reduce your water use.

Little Lily is the Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Ambassador.  Like all frogs, Little Lily loves water.  She depends on it for her survival just like people do.  This page shares photos of Little Lily’s water adventures. She visits classrooms for extended times and travels home with the students to see how their families use water.  Students keep up with Little Lily’s Water Adventures and share their journal entry with the class.  She helps people realize how much we depend on water every day and why we should use it efficiently.  Make Little Lily happy and use water wisely everyday!  See more photos of Little Lily with links to helpful websites on our Pinterest board.

Little Lily in the Snow

Little Lily enjoyed the snow we had in Athens. Jan. 2014

Little Lily's Water Adventure

Little Lily found real lily pads at Sandy Creek Park. She learned the shower uses less water than taking a bath.

Looking for Leaks

Little Lily had a great water adventure! She looked for leaks and learned about Frogger on her visit.

Little Lily's Water Adventure

Little Lily learned to turn the water off when brushing teeth. Those gallons saved really add up!

Little Lily's Water Adventures

Little Lily saw how this family uses leftover water from a lunchtime water bottle to water plants. That is Water Wise!


Little Lily learned all about being water wise at the WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We depend on water to put out fires and keep us safe. Thank goodness this wasn’t a real fire behind Little Lily! It was part of the Freemont Experience in Las Vegas.


Why Flush? is a product to help you reduce the number of times you flush the toilet. Toilets can use up to 5 gallons a flush! Thank goodness new toilets you buy today only use 1.28 gallons a flush. How many gallons a flush do you save by using a new toilet?


These crystals reminded Little Lily of ice. Ice is a solid, one of the three states of matter water can be found in naturally. Do you know the other two states of matter water can be?


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